Scott Morrison on suicide and men’s emotions

Warning – today we are talking about suicide. Please look after yourself and seek support if you need it. 

Today we are talking about how our Prime Minister Scott Morrison talks about mental health and suicide and how this is contradicted by his actions after he mocked the shadow treasurer for crying during the industrial relations reform debate in parliament. 

Morrison’s tweet:

Guardian: Scott Morrison’s suicide prevention adviser says mental health system may increase risk of self-harm

APH: International Men’s Health Week

Yahoo News: ‘I know people are anxious’: Scott Morrison appears back home

Canberra Times: Anxiety and anger, the prime minister mixes it up in a crisis

ABC – Scott Morrison does not want kids to have ‘anxieties’ about climate change after Greta Thunberg’s speech

Guardian: Why mental health is the legacy-defining fight Scott Morrison can’t afford to lose

Women’s Agenda: ‘He’s so precious’: Morrison’s casual sexism is on full display & no one’s laughing

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The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse

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