Spin Busting – NSW’s sick Covid priorities


After watching every press conference with NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian since 17 December 2020, I have ranked her priorities as I see them. 

There is much swearing in this episode. Much swearing. 

Listen along to hear my evidence for the following list.

Priority 1: Protect the confidentiality of patient zero. 

Priority 2: Protect the Northern Beaches and keep their businesses open and profitable.  

Priority 3: Keep the fireworks to protect the income of hospitality businesses.  

Priority 4: Keep the cricket on to protect the income of NSW and Cricket Australia.  

Priority 5: Avoid any actions taken by Vic that were criticised by Morrison and his thugs. 

Priority 6: Don’t scare the population by making them wear masks. 

Priority 7: Spread the curve until March when people on the Northern Beaches can get the vaccine.  

Priority 8: Keep the rest of us alive enough so we can keep spending money to protect the economy.

This is the woman who refused to lock things down, mandate masks or close businesses and two days ago she said: “Ironically as we see time move on, the threat in greater Sydney is almost becoming as equal to parts of the northern beaches.”

NSW can’t afford the Liberals anymore. 

All press conferences found at https://www.facebook.com/sbsnews

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