Spin Busting – The experts Gladys is ignoring


On the last day of 2020 we are listening to experts for once. 

This episode cuts through the power web between NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the billionaire funders of the Liberal National Coalition, and shows how the ‘expert opinions’ feeding into decisions are being shaped by this entanglement of money and corruption. 

We then go back to 18 December 2020 and listen to Dr Norman Swan’s expert advice to lock down the Northern Beaches and mandate masks. He predicts that with these steps, the outbreak might be almost under control by Christmas. 

Gladys did not lock down the Northern Beaches or mandate masks. 

Then we read opinions over the weeks since then with experts Raina McIntyre and Mary-Louise McLaws who advise we cancel events, mandate masks and limit movement. They warned that Christmas would spread the virus, New Years Eve would spread the virus, and now they’re warning the cricket would be a super spreader event. 

And the virus keeps spreading, including to all the areas classed as ‘Greater Sydney’ by Brad Hazzard – Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast. Areas people from Sydney could travel to because Gladys was too scared to enact a lockdown. 

So here we are, starting a new year with a state leader who insists:

“Our approach in NSW is cautious and we believe proportionate to the risk that’s there.”

The only ‘experts’ who agree with her are the ones whose jobs depend on agreeing. 


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