Getting Better – Talking with sex workers

Two days ago I posted on Facebook about a woman who contacted me to ask questions about my sex work for ‘her own personal curiosity’. This episode responds to that and expands on how we talk about sex work. 

My Facebook post: 

Woman in the comments of the news conference today asked about how the sex industry was coping with covid.  

I referred them to Scarlett Alliance for resources.  They asked to DM me for their potential public health masters or maybe a psychology degree.  

I said no. Obviously. And advised they get ethics approval before trying to conduct research with sex workers.  

She dirty deleted the whole thread (except my replies stay because it was a live thread).

Funny thing is,  she probably thinks she’s the first person ever to romanticise the sex industry. The first person ever to assume sex work is linked to psychological damage.  The first ever to want to dig into my head and find out all about the pathologies of sex work.  

First person ever to assume I’m obliged to educate them about their sensationalist fantasies about sex work.  

Sex work is real work.  

If you’re that curious about it,  then get out there and give it a go. 

My sex work history doesn’t oblige me to regurgitate the details to anyone who asks.  I am not your literature review,  do your own research. 

And seriously,  get ethics approval before you start trying to interview anyone.  It’s there to make sure you don’t ask stupid and harmful questions.

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