Spin Busting – What Australia can learn from the US coup


Oh America. 

In the face of what’s happening in America, I ask Australia to reflect on our similarities to America as we all reel at the armed insurrection attempted today by Trump supporters. 

I read Call it what it was: a coup by Rebecca Solnit from The Guardian Australia for a more relevant overview than I could provide. 

From her analysis, I identify the following changes we need to demand:

Honesty in politics needs to matter again. We need to demand truth and accountability.

Divisive politics need to stop, we need leaders who govern for everyone, not only the palatable people who vote for them. 

We need to recognise and challenge the LNP authoritarian approach. 

We have to come back to valuing democracy and demanding honesty in electoral advertising. 

And finally – the law needs to apply to everyone, even Tony Abbott. 

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