diy panopticon

Graffitti on a cell wall – my home detention blog.

Soon to be living here.

In February 2010 I was crossing the road and was hit by a postie bike. The police who attended to take my statement discovered an outstanding warrant for my arrest from an incomplete sentence of period (weekend) detention dating back to 1996. I was incarcerated for six weeks and then placed on a home detention sentence for the balance of the sentence.

I was placed on a implied publication ban while on the order. I was not allowed to blog/tweet/post about the process. I was also not supposed to show anyone my electronic monitoring device or talk to the media. Turns out this ban didn’t really count becasue it wasn’t given to me in writing. Alas.

The blog posts about home detention were compiled in a private blog called D.I.Y. Panopticon which was shared with a small group of close friends.

The process of being arrested, incarcerated and then detained at home gave me back my passion for thinking theoretically. There are those who are unable to speak/think/write about their experiences with the justice system. I feel obliged to use my privileged position to speak for those who are unable to.

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