Photo shoot with Martin Lucic

After Martin worked out that the only way to get a good group shot was either make it an action one or risk yelling at a bunch of derby girls we all got on fine.More

Recruitment poster

We’ve decided to piggyback on SRDL‘s recent media exposure and attempt to snare ourselves some new members. There will also be some media releases going out over the next few weeks to try and stir up interest. [edit 25/7/09 – controversy erupted this week when the above poster was mistaken for a commercial campaign by…More

SRDL move bout 2 of their season to a shiny new venue

My first volunteer role at a SRDL was also my first ever live game of Roller Derby – I was penalty tracker, which meant I got to sit on the sidelines (‘suicide seats’) with a clipboard while Refs screamed the numbers of penalised players at me. It was very confusing, took me ages to work…More

This time the rumours were true!

A real actual skating rink will be opening these school holidays out at Oak Flats! According to Google Maps it is about 2 minutes walk from the train station. I’m just a little bit excited.More

Biggest turn out yet

Last night we had 11 members on skates, on the track. Shelby Unkonshus counted back through the training book and this is the biggest turn out we’ve had yet. Kay Ottick was coaching and so we did a whole lot of pack work, some chunks of agility work, and there were no major injuries. Photo…More