WCC Cultural Grant Application

1 Name of Project: Steel City/Skate City: Wollongong’s Love Affair with Roller Skates 2 Name of Project Coordinator:Neena She’Moan, Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby Project Coordinator 3 Project summary:Steel City/Skate City will showcase the diversity and quality of the region’s rollerskating history and enliven the city by re-establishing its once strong skating community. This research project…More

Journo student sticks her head in

Word is spreading and WIRD were approached by Emma, a Journalism student from UOW, to be the focus of a media assignment. I’m sure she learned as much from the process as we did and in the end she came out of it with a mostly shiny piece and we had a bit of practice…More

SRDL Blocking Clinic

About half the league (8 skaters) headed up to the first day of the clinic and six of us stayed over night and then attended the second day. It was brutal and we all got our fair share of bruises. The most important things I learned from this camp were: When booking backpacker accomodation in…More

Indoor training!

WIRD has their first indoor skate at **** Community Centre. We are paying $20 per hour, have Wed night and Sunday arvo booked and can skate as late as we like (within out two hour booking) without the lights being turned off, needing to go home to pee or dying of thirst. Our first skate…More

First Exec Com meeting @ Mc Donalds

WIRD AGENDA EXECUTIVE COMITEE MEETING 1.Sort out ex comittee poistions – what they all mean, who is doing what, when. 2.Formalize training arrangements – times, days, can we set up one sess per month as ‘open’ where newbies, family, friends can come watch? This should prob not be advertised on web (unless it’s a email…More


$20,000,000 public liability insurance. All of a sudden this all seems very real.More

Thirroul Seaside Festival

WIRD has been invited to strut their stuff for the crowd at the Thirroul Seaside Festival. We started talking about it a while ago but really only got one kinda rehearsl in before hand so I’m a tad nervous. The plan is that the girls will skate around behind me on the ‘stage’ (it deserves…More