WIRD Media Info Pack

Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby Mission Statement Wollongong and Illawarra Roller Derby league (WIRD) aims to develop a group of committed and passionate skaters, in order to establish the competitive sport of flat track roller derby in the region. We are a non-profit Association, run by the skaters for the skaters, and dedicated to making roller…More

Great Venue Experience

Yesterday Neena SheMoan, Drop Bear and I headed off to look over another venue and chat to the manager about our skates vs their floors. Couldn’t be more different to the slightly creepy trip a few weeks ago. Neena had made the contact for our rollerskating retrospective next year and it’s also shaping up as…More

Great venue response

“Dear WIRD, “Following our recent Board Meeting we would like to invite you to meet with the Board at 6.30pm, prior to our next meeting on July 6th to demonstrate your sport and perhaps overcome any concerns we may have regarding damage to our floor. Please let us know if these arrangements are suitable to…More

Stadium request

Re: Request to use stadium for Women’s Roller Derby bouts Dear Board, Thank you for taking the time to consider our request. Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby (WIRD) is developing the radical and empowering sport of women’s Roller Derby in Wollongong in 2009. In case you don’t remember the game from its heyday in the 1960s,…More

WIRD sponsorpack

I’ve never made a ‘sponsorship pack’ before – no that’s a lie, I made a sponsoship pack about 6 weeks ago but I hated it and we needed something that could be photocopied. It’s folds as a booklet, has a tear out form for them and one for us, and some grainyesque pics. Email me…More

Terrible venue experience

Trotted off today to check out a venue with a couple of the training committee. Despite all our preparation, great outfits and cheerful smiles, it was a horrible horrible experience. I won’t go into details cos I’m nice, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be using this venue. I don’t think there is anything we…More

Shelby Unkonshus – new Freshie contact

Shelby Unkonshus has decided to cash in on her extreme love for all things roller derby and has taken on the mantle of WIRD Freshmeat Coordinator. She will fielding all your excited enquiries at her brand sparkling new email: wird.freshmeat@gmail.comMore