Big Machine Skate Festival – Fairy Meadow

WIRD was asked to rock up to the Big Machine Skate Festival as part of Youth Week but unfortunately only got 12 hours notice! In true WIRD form we rustled together a bunch of girls and rocked up to try and (unsuccessfully) impress the youfs. Our charms worked much better on the organisers, St John’s…More


After having the Constitution and Code of Conduct approved by a vote, and getting five people to sign a note giving me permission to act as the public officer, I shunted off to Fair Trade to make us all official and whatnot. They didn’t need to see the signed permission but the guy did point…More

Spread the derby virus!

The virus is totally starting to spread and there is a huge chunk of girls who turn up to skate with us. Still feel a bit like vomitting every time I start getting ready for training. I sooo want roller derby to happen and live in fear ofsomethingtiny and insignificant screwing it all up. We’ve…More

WIRD’s First Photoshoot

I don’t know if I have ever been as nervous as I was waiting on Flagstaff Hill for people to show up. Right up until hot girls started flooding up the hill I was absolutely convinced it would be me standing here all alone when the Mercury photographer turned up. I was fishnetted up, fully…More

Belmore/Victoria St Carpark

Enter the Belmore/Victoria Sts carpark! This is a brilliant skate, smooth, flat, lit at night. Myself and Donna hit the pavement and practiced ‘the robot’! Hopefully we’ll get more skaters down here soon. Live in fear of no-one turning up. Get slighty hysterical before I leave the house. Alas.More

Second WIRD skate

After missing WIRD’s first skatey get together last Sunday (due to ridiculous work commitments) I was eager to get out there and have a go! Five of us turned up to the carpark out the back of ****. Took some sweeping and bits of it were down/up hill. Not too bad. Apparently roller skating is…More