Suicide dreams

Content warning: suicide Waking up after suicide dreams is hard. My body is waking up but my mind is still there, in the right before mindset. My mind wakes up questioning why I’m still alive, what went wrong. My suicide dreams are Inception-like. Each death slides me into another life where I’m wanting to die,…More

Now/then – characters – Excerpt

This is an excerpt from Snakes and Ladders. Book is currently in development with Affirm Press. Follow Angela J Williams on Facebook  for more excerpts and news on publication.  Now / then – Characters You probably want to know about the person getting arrested, so let’s take a minute out with the here and now me to…More

Thesis Results

These are the voices I need to be listening to right now. TEC Resolution FOR NETMore

Draft: ECT Brain thinks about my relationship with ‘exercise’

(Yes, roller derby peeps, perfect timing for TGSS. Non-derby peeps, forgive my draft. Links and pics soon.) Twenty-four hours ago I would have scrolled past this topic, however just yesterday I had some very relevant realisations. This one comes with a content warning re: invasive psychiatry Context: I am 41 years old, have complex PTSD…More

Turning ‘trauma’ into ‘armour’: part 1 – the fungus

Content warning: this post discusses suicide and Electro Convulsive Therapy. Structure warning: I am writing with my editing and self-censorship blinkers off – paragraphs, sentences and arguments may be imprecise.  Context I started this post just after I was released from a five week psychiatric admission that included 12 sessions of Electro Convulsive Therapy. It…More

636 signatures in 24 hours!

Oh, my cheer squad! So many hearts to every one of you and special hi to all the new supporters. I just got home from Shrinkola and realised what you all did while I was out and about! I’m speechless. Tempted to use emojis. Got two super exciting appointments to get through tomorrow but will…More