Don’t ask if I’m OK

I have decided we need to rename ‘RUOK’ day to ‘Am I OK’ day. Don’t ask me if I’m okay, because I can’t always answer honestly. Instead, ask yourself what it is in you that might make me feel I can’t trust you with my truth. People living with suicidal ideation don’t need to spend…More

Stop shushing victims

I don’t think most people understand how much trust it destroys when you tell survivors of nasty shit that we need to speak nicely to be heard. Speaking nicely didn’t stop the bad shit happening to us and it won’t stop bad things happening to other people. Our anger is justified. Our grief is justified.…More

And the case is closed so now I can write

On Tuesday the cops visited to tell me they couldn’t take action on the sexual assault because I didn’t report it until after he called the cops on me on October 30th last year (and because my trauma made me panic laugh after the assault). After telling me this, they finally wrote down the Crimestoppers…More

We aren’t obliged to respect police

Pretty much at the end of my ‘we can open their minds through debate’ tether so here’s my final statement on this (specific) topic. Blaming police brutality on a lack of respect is like asking a schoolkid what they were wearing when their teacher raped them. Disrespect is not an excuse for assault. But for…More

Why I will be talking about the next sexual assault case on social media

Investigating sexual assaults is changing in the post #metoo era as victims like me speak out on social media before or during police investigations. We know that we can’t trust the system to deliver justice. And those of us who’ve fought for justice before know that the process will eradicate us, make us invisible.

Snakes and Ladders Out Now

‘Tough, courageous, and moving, it’s about empowerment as much as powerlessness and, ultimately, the nature of power.’
The AgeMore