Thesis Results

These are the voices I need to be listening to right now. TEC Resolution FOR NETMore

Draft: ECT Brain thinks about my relationship with ‘exercise’

(Yes, roller derby peeps, perfect timing for TGSS. Non-derby peeps, forgive my draft. Links and pics soon.) Twenty-four hours ago I would have scrolled past this topic, however just yesterday I had some very relevant realisations. This one comes with a content warning re: invasive psychiatry Context: I am 41 years old, have complex PTSD…More

Turning ‘trauma’ into ‘armour’: part 1 – the fungus

Content warning: this post discusses suicide and Electro Convulsive Therapy. Structure warning: I am writing with my editing and self-censorship blinkers off – paragraphs, sentences and arguments may be imprecise.  Context I started this post just after I was released from a five week psychiatric admission that included 12 sessions of Electro Convulsive Therapy. It…More

The Return to Work Plan

Now that the worker’s compensation payments have been provisionally approved, it’s time for me to start working on the most important job – getting better. The lawyer of awesome expressed doubts about my ability to really get better and we all know how much I love a challenge. So after many intense ruminations, this is…More

We’re almost at 2500 but what a week!

Hello to our rapidly increasing fold, Lovely to have over a thousand new supporters since the trip down to Canberra. And all that without me doing much at all. Yesterday I answered one of the most heartbreaking comments I’ve gotten in this whole nightmare. A person asked me who they call if they can’t call…More

636 signatures in 24 hours!

Oh, my cheer squad! So many hearts to every one of you and special hi to all the new supporters. I just got home from Shrinkola and realised what you all did while I was out and about! I’m speechless. Tempted to use emojis. Got two super exciting appointments to get through tomorrow but will…More

You won’t believe what Lifeline Canberra did!

To my amazing back up squad, Welcome and thanks to our many new supporters. Your voices will help me get change and every single one of you is a hero. So yesterday we did the trek down to the Canberra EPIC Book Fair. I had invited the Board of Lifeline Australia to meet with me…More

120! Time for a new strategy!

  I’ve been doing almost nothing but research for the last few days (pages are my happy place) and have finally drafted us a petition letter! I’ve also realised that I was yelling at the wrong people, Lifeline Australia can’t (just like they say) , do much here – it needs to be Wollongong. So…More