My mother’s suicide Today is my 44th birthday, my mother’s funeral and 28 years to the day since the last time she sexually assaulted me. Things get a bit heavy as I dig into this one and share the lessons my mother taught me about power.  This podcast speaks explicitly about suicide, sexual abuse and child abuse. …More

Not a Liberal Democracy This episode puts the knife into the fantasy that Australia is a liberal democracy. Mentioned in this episode: Public trust in governments is at an all-time low, Australian National University findsSocial contract – Wikipedia Liberal democracy – Wikipedia Noam Chomsky: We are paying for the logic of capitalism Australian democracy is at risk. If…More

Intro – My brain is the knife

The first episode of Deboning Power introduces you to the knife which is Angela’s brain.  Angela is a author, speaker and critical thinker who’s lived through so much bad shit that it’s astonishing she’s alive. A high school drop out with a PhD, this woman knows the theory to unpack power problems and life experiences…More

Happy mental health month

Apparently it’s ‘mental health month’. Today I helped a friend in crisis get to a hospital. To do that, we needed to call a central 1800 mental health line because we don’t have community mental health teams anymore. My friend in crisis had to agree to having the call recorded to get triaged for admission.…More

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s trauma

Been thinking a lot lately about intergenerational trauma and how we carry the pain of our parents in our flesh. I will never know the full potentials I was born with because of the changes complex trauma made in my brain, body and heart. Writing Snakes and Ladders peeled the scabs off so many traumas…More

“Everyone has imposter syndrome”

Academic peeps. When you say “we all have imposter syndrome” to people from marginalised backgrounds, you erase the many layers of disadvantage they’ve fought against to get into those ivory halls. I straight out stopped talking about my dis-ease in academia because so many of you responded like this. I left because of these words.…More